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Nominations & Selection

Identifying environmental champions from around the world

Nominations Process

Since it began in 1989, the Goldman Environmental Prize has relied on a network of expert nominating partners around the world to identify a diverse cohort of grassroots environmental changemakers in every region. Nominators work in a broad range of fields, including civil society, journalism, science, academia, and government. 

Nominators are invited based on their expertise, experience, and proximity to grassroots environmental activism. Each prospective nominator is vetted and formally onboarded by Prize staff. Individuals or organizations interested in being considered to serve as nominators for the Prize should email a letter of request and current CV (if available) to nominations@goldmanprize.org.

The Goldman Prize does not accept unsolicited nominations. Nominations must be submitted by an approved nominator.

Nominees to the Goldman Environmental Prize

Nominees for the Goldman Prize range in age, gender, race, language, and geographic diversity, but are united in their commitment to building a more sustainable, equitable, and biodiverse future. Candidates cannot submit their own names for consideration and nominees are not aware that they have been nominated unless they win the Prize.

Nominations Criteria

All nominees to the Goldman Prize must meet the following criteria:

  • The individual has attained a recent, specific environmental achievement, and
  • This achievement was accomplished through grassroots activism
Additional Qualifications & Considerations
  • Works directly in the field creating positive environmental change through community participation
  • Achievement has inspired others
  • Leadership has resulted in a significant impact beyond their community
  • Collaborates with networks, organizations, or governments
  • Respected by their communities and colleagues
  • Are part of the community in which they do their work
  • Goes above and beyond paid job responsibilities to accomplish their work
The Prize is not Awarded
  • For multiple achievements over many years (lifetime achievement)
  • To executives of large NGOs as part of their paid job responsibilities
  • To government or corporate officials, unless they are nominated for work done outside the scope of their formal responsibilities
  • For academic achievements
  • For raising awareness on an issue
  • For organizing large meetings, summits, or conferences
  • Posthumously
  • For nominations of more than two people or for communities

Research and Selection of Nominees

Prize staff research nominations thoroughly, drawing on the resources and references of our nominating partners. Final selections are made by the Goldman Environmental Prize Jury, which includes the Foundation’s Board of Directors and a cohort of distinguished environmentalists from around the world.

2024 Nominating Organizations

  • 350.org logo
  • AgroEcology Fund logo
  • AIDA logo
  • Arava Institute for Environmental Studies logo
  • Ashoka: Innovators for the Public logo
  • Birdlife International logo
  • Brighter Green logo
  • CEMDA logo
  • Center for International Environmental Law logo
  • Conservation International logo
  • Earth Day Network logo
  • ELAW logo
  • FIMA logo
  • Future for Nature logo
  • Global Witness logo
  • Igarapé Institute logo
  • Michael Succow Stiftung Foundation logo
  • Mighty Earth logo
  • Namati logo
  • Natural Resources Defense Council logo
  • Ocean Recovery Alliance logo
  • Pollination Foundation logo
  • Save the Waves logo
  • Sustainability Leaders Network logo
  • The Earthshot Prize logo
  • Waterkeeper Alliance logo
  • Whitley Fund for Nature logo
  • Wild Earth Allies logo
  • Wild Salmon Center logo